About Us

My sister and I grew up in the 80’s when natural therapies and natural health products were far from cool or on trend. Nonetheless our modern, hard working, single mother opened us up to the world of natural therapies. She took us to see our local naturopath (which she still goes to 30 years later), to a friend for reiki sessions, she went to yoga classes, aura classes and grew the most disgusting giant mushroom in a bucket under our stairs which little did we know was the now hugely popular Kombucha. When my sister was in hospital undergoing surgery for hip issues my mum used to sneak herbs in like comfrey and hide them in her food.

So this has all been ingrained in me since I was young.

One day my grandpa said something to me that really stuck. He said ‘you know how your nana wears lipstick, well did you know that she will consume 8 margarine tubs of lipstick in her life’. This astounded me as a kid. Where did the lipstick go? Did it just stay in your body?

As you can probably tell it was only inevitable that I would start making my own skin care.

After obsessively loving coconuts for many years I started to make a coconut body lotion, which took me a few years to perfect. Then I moved onto lip balm, after not finding in stores what I wanted to put on my lips (or basically eat) and my desire for natural skin care and concept for Nourished Skin Co started coming to life.

The more I delve into this the more I want to do.

I make the products myself using local , organic (as much as possible) and ethically sourced ingredients. All packaging is recyclable but more importantly our lotion bottle is made from recycled plastics. Our bath salt pouches and paper bags are biodegradable and compostable. We also offer a refurbish and refill service on our best selling Calendula Balm.

Sustainability is very important to me and a key part of the brands principles. All my products are tested on not only myself but my very happy and willing family and friends.  They genuinely love every product. 

With more products under development, I hope that you will enjoy the range.

Please feel free to share any feedback you might have or reach out at info@nourishedskinco.com.au

Kate x